Tips On Shopping In Los Angeles

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The Los Angeles shopping scene is unparalleled. Tourists come from all over the place to shop, dine, and explore all that SoCal has to offer, especially the high-class fashion retailers. Whether you’re interested in seeing a luxury watch dealer who sells Breitling watches or browsing a sample sale, you’ll find what you’re after. These tips will help you navigate your way through the city.

How To Find Parking

Los Angeles is notorious for having tricky parking situations. It can sometimes take hours of circling to find a space and some people will head home, defeated, before that happens. If possible, use public transportation or a taxi service to avoid the hassle. Sometimes that’s not an option, though, so download one of the many parking apps to direct you to an open lot.


Payment Methods
Certain stores are cash-only, like many in the LA Fashion District. There are sometimes ATMs conveniently located, but it’s never a bad idea to get money from the bank before you head to your destination. Not to mention, most parking lots don’t accept credit cards, either.

Discovering Exclusive Stores

The finest stores are not always as easy to find as you might expect. For instance, high-end retailers of luxury watches Los Angeles often sell to celebrities and famous athletes. Therefore, they don’t want just anyone wandering inside. Blogs are an excellent way to learn from locals about which stores are the “places to be” when shopping in LA.

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Being Budget-Friendly

Not everyone is interested in those chic stores, though, and that’s okay! Los Angeles is home to hundreds of low-cost shopping options. Many offer discounts ranging from 30-70% or more. You can find wholesale prices at Santee Alley and in the Los Angeles Fashion District. Are you looking for inexpensive fabrics? It’s here. Do you want accessories, shoes, and perfume? We’ve got you covered.

The great thing about shopping in LA is the diversity you’ll discover. There’s a little something for everyone—as long as you can find parking!